Thursday, November 10, 2011

More relaxing and a carrot feed!

Sorry about the quality of the photos. I'ts quite dark in the apartment, and when they crash like this, its hard to approach them without waking them up. So I've to use zoom and the flash doesn't reach them  sometimes. Anyhow, as compensation for the not so good quality (but very funny!) photos, I've included this awesome video of Fudge having a carrot. :)

Also, I've seen it a few times, so I'm sure it's happening on purpose! Fudge is really friendly. Smudge, not so much. Because Fudge is so friendly, she loves head rubs. When the Smudge goes to get some water(which means her bobbing her head up and down to lick the water out) Fudge always seems to climbs underneath so its like shes getting a head rub! It's hilarious!

1 comment:

  1. hahaha she THINKS its a head rub, but really smudge's just thirsty! Poor fuudge! Ill give you a head rub :)